Chavalit, the Entrepreneur

Chavalit Frederick Tsao is an entrepreneur born and raised in Hong Kong, China. He belongs to the baby boomer generation and earned his degree from the University of Michigan. Chavalit started working for his family’s business when he was 20. At age 37, he had taken over the chairmanship and transformed the traditional family business into a multinational company with diverse business interests. He started a successful palm oil business, turned around a Thai shipping line, and listed it.

As the chairman of Intercargo, Chavalit was recognised by the industry for his courage. During his seven-year tenure, he created several platforms to promote collaboration within the Maritime sector.

Chavalit has experienced a range of financial market booms and busts in different decades. He witnessed the rise of Tiger economies in the 1990s, the boom of the 2000s led by China’s industrialisation, and the busts that followed each of those periods. He understands how the marketing economy capitalising on human greed for profit led to today’s sustainability challenges.

An Awakening

Chavalit’s experience as an entrepreneur impacted his worldview, and he started to question the purpose of life and the role of business in society. “Who am I?” “Where did I come from?”, “What is the purpose of life?“, “What is the role of business?”, were some of the questions he reflected on. As he witnessed the rise and the fall of the Asian economic miracle and saw the damage that irresponsible economic growth was inflicting on society, Chavalit looked to the wisdom of ancient practices and modern science to find the solutions to our challenges today. He founded East West Cultural Development Centre in 1995 to research on this topic, and discovered that the answers lie inside us, and we need the key to unlock them.

A Quantum Worldview

Chavalit discovered that the principle behind sustainability is oneness. Our purpose for being is to “Add Value to Life.” Everything is systemic and all changes must be coherent to align towards oneness. When we are interconnected, the parts are in the whole, and the self can only flourish when the system is thriving. We can be well only when everything around us is well. We are naturally loving beings, from which care emerges and with care informing our actions, adding value and making a positive impact is a natural outcome. This principle has guided his family to flourish across generations, continuously evolve with the intention to add value, be of service, and positively impact the environment.

Transformation, Beginning with
TPC (Tsao Pao Chee)

As an entrepreneur, Chavalit became conscious of the urgency of business reform to reignite the love & care needed to direct business action for impact. He started his business, TPC, on this transformation journey, with his business family members as his journeymates. Grounded on a Well-being Mandate, TPC is on an uncharted path to build a philanthropic culture into the business, as a way it acts, and how it can be a force for good that positively impacts Life. He believes that sustainability challenges and the role of business are matters of the heart. This is the transformation to co-create a purpose-led profit business that adds value by serving human well-being and creating wealth at the same time.

Let's co-create the Well-being Era together