Founder of OCTAVE Institute, Chavalit Frederick Tsao, makes a collaborative contribution towards Halogen Foundation

Fourth generation business steward and founder of Octave Institute, Chavalit Frederick Tsao collaborates with Halogen Foundation to partner in co-creating a cross-generational education system beyond schooling for youth, towards the shared future and destiny for humanity.

SINGAPORE, Aug. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — To drive change and co-create a new era of oneness and holistic well-being, business steward Mr Chavalit Frederick Tsao, Founder of Octave Institute (“Octave”) and Chairman of IMC Pan Asia Alliance Group (“IMCPAA”), collaborates with Halogen Foundation Singapore (“Halogen”), a not-for-profit Institution to co-creating the future of youth in Singapore. Octave presented a collaborative contribution of $250,000 to Halogen today during The Halogen Ball hosted by Halogen, and graced by Guest-of-Honour, Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam. Octave is also the presenting sponsor of this event. This marks the beginning of a relationship between Octave and Halogen, to bringing awareness of our youth to humanity’s synchronicity with nature and the flourishing of Life through collaborations between Octave Institute and Halogen Foundation.

Founded by Mr Tsao, Octave is a school of life and management, with focus on business reforms and leadership transformation. Octave helms organisational development initiatives and offers a new leadership approach to well-being and sustainability based on consciousness shift to reframe ethics. As a progressive business steward who believes strongly in Singapore’s potential, Mr Tsao actively seeks opportunities to co-create the future through partnerships with local organisations and institutions. Through the collaborative contribution to Halogen, Mr Tsao aims to pave the way for more opportunities, partnerships and collaborations with Halogen to impact and empower youth in their education journey beyond schooling.

“Global consciousness is shifting, as the world is awakening to the need for unity through collaboration and partnership. The future before us will be very different compared to the industrial era that we are familiar with. As one humanity, we hold the future in our hands; we have what we need within us to co-create this new era. We only need to shift to new consciousness in life and find a common worldview to pave the way for solutions for our common challenges. Youths when awakened to their life purpose and placed on the path to find their calling are empowered to flourish in Life. Together, we co-create a cross generation education system beyond schooling for a shared future and destiny for humanity,” said Mr Tsao.

Advocating for a new world view in latest book, One Choice, One World

Mr Tsao also launched his latest book, One Choice, One World: The Rise of The Well-Being and Happiness Economy, during the same event. In this provocative and ground-breaking work, Mr Tsao presents his bold vision for a new consciousness of life in the era of well-being and happiness, that recognises humanity as a part of one holistic system for all Life.

Mr Tsao advocates for business to be in the forefront of this transformation; that it is well positioned to answer the United Nation’s call to creating a new market economy and shift from the current Gross Domestic Product to Gross National Happiness. Business reform is pivotal, to bring out the nature of business ethics to create a market economy of impact towards well- being of all.

Through his latest work, Mr Tsao calls for all to collaborate and co-create a better future. He hopes to engage leaders in dialogues and conversations to ignite change for the new era.

Mr Tsao is the fourth-generation steward of IMC. With more than 40 years as an entrepreneur and his diverse experiences, insights and knowledge of both East and West cultures that informed his world view, Mr Tsao successfully transformed his family’s traditional shipping company into a multinational conglomerate that serves Asia Industrialisation and globalisation. He is now evolving his business to another level, as he is redefining business sustainability and integrity, to make impact in creating a new era of well-being. It is for this purpose, he founded Octave Institute as a quantum leadership centre that focus on business reforms and leadership transformation.

Mr Tsao commented, “In today’s world, mired in challenges brought about by globalisation and digitisation, we are at a very different juncture. To confront global challenges, we must forge a common worldview grounded in the recognition that humanity is part of the ecosystem for all life on Earth. There is an urgent need for us to co-create a new era of inclusive and holistic well-being. Each of us has a part to play in this paradigm shift that I espouse in my new work, One Choice, One World. Through the integration of Eastern wisdom and Western science, I believe that we will be able to create positive change together. The future is in our hands!”

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