1995, East West Cultural Development Centre Ltd (EWCDC) Formed

With questions on sustainability and family business legacy, Chavalit Frederick Tsao started a research centre, EWCDC, in Singapore to research sustainability and modernity. EWCDC has published and organised dialogues, and eventually, this work was taken over by OCTAVE Institute.

December 1991, IMC Pan Asia Alliance Corporation (IMCPAA) Formed

Chavalit Frederick Tsao saw that the success or failure of humanity has been about its ability to collaborate or otherwise. He formed IMCPAA with the purpose for business to relook at collaboration and partnership as the way for business sustainability.

1970s to 1990s, Establishing Presence in Thailand

Chavalit Frederick Tsao, the fourth generation of his family business, spearheaded the company’s development and expansion in Thailand.

  • Then, in 1990, United Shipyard & Engineering (UTSE), the largest shipyard in Thailand, was established.
  • In 1987, the company increased their investment and repositioned United Thai Shipping Corporation (UTSC), now known as Unithai Group, into a profitable business unit.
  • In 1985, the company established Lifelines Produce Co Ltd, which commercially farmed high-value fruits and vegetables for local and export markets.
  • In 1978, the company invested in United Thai Shipping Corporation (UTSC), marking the entry of the family business in Thailand.