2020 to 2022, Reflection Time

During the pandemic, we took the time to reflect on our purpose and role in the crisis. This reflection led us to the realisation that action is urgently needed to co-create a sustainable future for all. As a business, we believe we can take a lead by transforming our own business.

March 2017, SANGHA Retreat by OCTAVE Grand Opening

The grand opening of SANGHA Retreat by OCTAVE, a learning, coaching and healing living community centre in Suzhou, China. It is the second location in the OCTAVE well-being lifestyle ecosystem that supports building, healing and maintaining healthy relationships in the Life system.

October 2016, The Sustainability Mandate

Chavalit Frederick Tsao signed the Sustainability Mandate, supported by A Management Perspective and the Cultural Pillars Guiding Note, as his declaration of the business purpose, which is to serve humanity. In 2022, the mandate was replaced by the Well-being Mandate.

October 2016, The Birth of AITIA Institute

AITIA Institute (S) Limited, a not–for-profit organisation, was established as a future-form management school for Quantum Leadership and evolutionary organisation. It was renamed as OCTAVE Institute Limited in January 2023.

October 2015, THE LIVING ROOM (TLR) by OCTAVE Grand Opening

The grand opening of TLR by OCTAVE, an urban lifestyle well-being centre in Shanghai, China. It is the first location in the OCTAVE well-being lifestyle ecosystem that supports maintaining healthy relationships in a busy urban environment.

September 2014, The AITIA Family Institute (AFI) Grand Opening

The grand opening of AFI marks the establishment of an institute dedicated to supporting the building, healing, and maintaining of healthy family relationships. Family is where we learn, receive, nurture, and give love. It provides the foundation from which we acquire the skills necessary to cultivate positive relationships in life.