Integrating our output with impact


Traditional logistics and supply chain models must be reimagined in the Well-being Era. IMC Industrial is committed to aligning its operations with the shift towards adding value to our world, where the focus is on the well-being of individuals, communities, and the environment.

IMC Industrial is a leading integrated provider of maritime and industrial solutions in dry bulk shipping, industrial logistics, chemical transportation, shipyard & marine offshore engineering, offshore assets & services, consumer logistics, and recently exploring sustainable food supply chains. Today, it is embarking on its most ambitious journey ever, to redefine its culture for a cleaner business and greener future.

Sustainability Focused

At IMC Industrial, responsibility is our compass, and innovation is our sail. Aligning to our mission to serve the well-being and happiness era, we are committed to transforming into a new model of what an industrial company is; one that has purpose and care for Life at the heart of its business activities.

IMC Ventures
Redirecting Capital for Impact

IMC Ventures is part of our innovation and sustainability investment strategy. Our mandate is to acquire technologies and systems that will help transform IMC Industrial into a business that positively contributes to the Well-being Era.

Tapping on alternative
energy sources

IMC Industrial is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by shifting to eco-friendly industrial practices to power its shipyards. We are adopting alternative energy sources such as solar panels and other renewable energy sources.

Sustainable Shipping

We understand the pressures facing the maritime supply chain. We are deploying bold strategies to enhance efficiencies, improve fuel consumption, reduce emissions, reduce waste, and positively contribute to the shipping ecosystem.

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