TPC Corporate Philanthropy Platform

No.17 Foundation creates and curates the conditions for our planet’s citizens to collaborate on initiatives and projects that stewards the flourishing of Life

Our Mandate

Our mission is to create the conditions for collaboration. Through partnerships, collaboration, and corporate philanthropy we curate and integrate hearts, minds and passions into new relationships and birth new initiatives towards flourishing of Life.

About No.17 Foundation

As one humanity, we have the shared challenge of sustainability, we also have access to the resources and means to bring forth the flourishing of Life. No.17 Foundation is formed to:

Add Value to the Whole System of Life and Not Parts
Steward and care for all Resources with a Long View
Collaborate to Co-Create and Impact Our Shared Living System

Our Spirit for Being

Chavalit Tsao, the fourth-generation steward of TPC envisions that all flourishing businesses in the era well-being are purpose-led and is expressed through corporate philanthropy. No.17 Foundation represents this key facet of the TPC Brand.

What we do

No.17 Foundation brings together stakeholders to create a sustainable economy that benefits everyone. We provide the platform for an alliance of businesses and organisations collaborating to support impactful causes in sustainability. We aim to shift humanity’s consciousness towards a flourishing life in the well-being era. No.17 Foundation provides a platform for communities that share our commitment to this cause.

About The 17 UNSDGs

In 2015, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was embraced by all United Nations Member States, offering a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, both now and in the future. At its core are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which constitute an urgent call to action for all countries, whether developed or developing, within a global partnership. It recognizes that the simultaneous eradication of poverty and other forms of deprivation must be pursued alongside strategies to enhance health and education, reduce inequality, and stimulate economic growth. All of this must be achieved while addressing the challenges of climate change and the preservation of oceans and forests.

Our Initiatives

Core Member of Philanthropy Asia Alliance

No.17 Foundation is one of the key voices and core members of the Philanthropy Asia Alliance, which aims to catalyse solutions for humanity’s shared sustainability challenge.

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